The Old Barn In the Rain

I love this old barn holding up the tree - I'm always amazed either one is still standing at all! Posted by Picasa


Rainy Day Color

I actually went out to shoot an old barn being crushed by a moss-laden tree, but then a patch of these tiny plants caught my eye. Posted by Picasa


Zero Two

An old fishing dingy at China Camp State Park in California - looking at the water in the bilge, I'm surprised it's still afloat! Posted by Picasa


Old Fishing Pier, China Camp, California

At China Camp, Chinese immigrants used to net grass shrimp, which they would dry and ship to Asia. Now it's a state park, a miniature ghost town. Posted by Picasa


Hamilton Field, Novato, California

Hamilton Field was a deserted Army Air Force base in Novato, California. Most of it has been turned into housing and offices, but there are a few of the old ruins left. With the palm trees, the tower somehow made me think of Cuba. Posted by Picasa


Live Oak, Olompali State Historic Park

I love these live oak trees when their branches are bare - like something out of a Hansel and Gretel forest. Posted by Picasa


Ready for Her Closeup

Not much to say about this one...just your average Canada Goose taking off. Posted by Picasa